zeolite 95 serbios cat 019

Zeolite 95 serbios

Rock powder

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Product Description

Clinoptilolite >90%, Quartz, Feldspar, Biotite <10%

Silicon oxide (SiO2) 70%, Aluminium oxide (Al2O3) 12.2%
Calcium oxide (CaO) 3-5%, Magnesium oxide (MgO) 1.2%
Potassium oxide (K2O) 3.3%, Iron oxide (Fe2O3) 2%

Micronized powder

6 kg sacks
Pallet with 120 sacks

ZEOLITE 95 SERBIOS is a sedimentary mineral of volcanic origin, mainly composed of Silicon oxide and Aluminum oxide. The essential feature of ZEOLITE 95 SERBIOS is the presence of a lot of empty spaces inside its structure: thanks to this characteristic, many physical phenomena occur, such as the possibility of a significant cation exchange and the capacity to absorb large quantities of water: when temperature changes, it releases water, behaving like a sponge. This fact could be effectively used in order to drastically reduce humidity level on plants, creating an adverse environment for the development of fungal diseases. Moreover, the particular mineral composition of the product makes possible to break the “water film” that is established on plants, speeding up the drying process. Then, these two modes of action permit a faster drying of the plant and the formation of an adverse environment for pathogens like Botrytis. Furthermore, because of the characteristic of quickly “drying” the surrounding environment, ZEOLITE 95 SERBIOS has an excellent cicatrizing power towards little wounds, which represent one of the main infection routes. The high cation exchange capacity (217 meq/100 g) allows to capture significant quantities of adverse molecules, which could be present on the plant (for example, heavy metals).
ZEOLITE 95 SERBIOS acts exclusively in a physical and mechanical way and does not interfere with the normal plant physiology.
ZEOLITE 95 SERBIOS undergoes a strong micronization process (particles dimensions: <20 micron), which permits a uniform coverage of the plant and increases the effectiveness of the product.

Powdery treatments: 6-8 kg/ha, also mixed with other products that are normally used with this method (such as Sulphur).
Sprayer treatments: 2-5 kg/ha, also mixed with plant protection products (such as Copper, Sulphur, etc.).
ZEOLITE 95 SERBIOS can be applied on all crops.
It can also be used at variable doses inside compost, potting soil, in the production of paste for trunk painting and in biodynamic preparations.

If used with sprayers: fill half the tank, start stirring, pour the product, keep stirring during the whole treatment time.

High purity (% of clinoptilolite in zeolite)
• Great porosity (% of pores)
• Pore size (micro-porosity)
• Remarkable capacity to absorb water
• High specific surface covered
• Granulometry
• Great cation exchange capacity

Porosity 45-50%
Pore ​​diameter 4-4,5 A°
Specific surface area > 39 sqm/g
Capacity to absorb water 42-50%
Granulometry < 20 microns
Cation exchange capacity (CEC) 1,5-2,1 meq/g



  • Reduction of the aggressiveness of pathogens and insects
  • Reduction of humidity in the vegetation
  • Reduction of pollutants
  • Reduction of degradation of active ingredients – More gradual release