Tuta Trap – Trappola per la cattura di Tuta absoluta

Tuta Trap

Trap for the catching of Tuta absoluta

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Product Description

TUTA TRAP is specifically designed to catch Tuta absoluta (tomato borer). It can be used both for the monitoring and for the mass trapping. For the monitoring, it is recommended to place 2-4 traps per hectare, while for the mass trapping use 15-30 (or more) traps per hectare. The distance between each trap should be at least of 10 m.

Place the trap at a height between 40 and 100 cm from the ground. Place the pheromone in the specific cage supplied, in the middle of the trap base. Fill the base with water up to the edges, adding a minimum quantity of oil or soap.
Usually, TUTA TRAP should be placed at the end of April (direct sowing crops) or at transplanting (transplanted crops).
The pheromones remain active for 5-6 weeks: after that period, it is recommended to replace them, even if the refill is not completely used up.
Check the trap periodically, in order to verify the water level (which should remain constant) and remove the insects that have been caught.

Packaging: 20 units
Contents: 1 complete trap + 3 dispensers

tomato borer (tuta absoluta)