Superwood – Feromoni di aggregazione per la cattura degli Scolitidi

Super Wood

Aggregation pheromones for the capture of Scolytidae

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Product Description

SUPER WOOD is a plate dispenser, specially designed for the capture of some type of bark beetles (Ips typographus, Pityogenes chalcographus). Pheromones can be positioned into specific traps (Theysohn like) or directly fixed on trees or on baited logs, which should be previously treated with insecticides or destroyed once the capture has been completed. In case of monitoring, 3-4 dispensers/ha are sufficient. For the mass trapping, it is recommended to use 12-15 (or more) dispensers per hectare: to achieve good results, it is essential to keep using this method for a few years.

Position the pheromone on the plant or on baited logs, by using the appropriate little nail included into the packaging. Do not pierce the packaging containing the plate with the pheromone, but fix the little nail in the upper part of the package. Pheromones maintain their effectiveness for 5-6 weeks. After this period of time, it is recommended to replace them, even if the refill is not completely used up. Make a periodical check and replace the baited logs, when necessary.

Packaging: 10 pieces of 2 units
Content: 10 yellow/blue coloured sticky panels

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