Super Green – Trappola per la cattura di processionaria del pino

Super Green

Trap for the monitoring of Pine processionary moth

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Product Description

SUPER GREEN is a funnel trap particularly suited to catch male adults of Pine processionary moth (Thaumetopoea pityocampa). SUPER GREEN is also indicated for the capture of other lepidoptera, such as Potato tuber moth and food moths. In case of Pine processionary moth, the trap should be placed in high position, within the vegetation. You need 10-12 traps per hectare; as an alternative, place one trap every 80-100 meters along the whole perimeter of the wood. In urban roads, SUPER GREEN should be placed 80-100 meters apart from each other. In case of moths in warehouses, it is necessary to place a trap every 250 mc of warehouse, at 1,5 meters high from foodstuffs. Traps could be used both for the monitoring and for the mass trapping. In case of mass trapping, use the traps continuously for some years in order to reach good results. In case of wear, both dispensers and trap spare parts are available.

Mount the trap according to drawing, by following the joints. The pheromone vial should be placed in the appropriate seat and then inserted in the hole provided on the trap cap or in the container supplied. In case of Pine processionary moth, usually SUPER GREEN should be installed during the second part of May. Pheromones keep their effectiveness for 5-6 weeks; vials could indifferently be opened or remain closed. After this period, it is necessary to replace the dispensers, even if there is still remaining liquid inside. Check the traps periodically in order to keep them clean and record the catches.

Packaging: 25 units
Content: 1 complete “funnel” trap, 3 pheromone dispensers

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indian meal moth (plodia interpunctella)
mediterranean flour moth (ephestia kuehniella)
nun moth (Lymantria monaca)
pine processionary moth (thaumetopoea pytiocampa)
potato tuber moth (phtorimaea operculella)
red-belted clearwing (synanthedon myopaeformis)