Stink Bug Trap – Trappola per il monitoraggio e la cattura di cimice asiatica (Halyomorpha halys)

Stink Bug Trap

Trap for the monitoring and the catching
of Brown Marmorated Stink Bug (Halyomorpha halys)

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Product Description

STINK BUG TRAP is used for the monitoring of the brown marmorated stink bug (Halyomorpha halys), both on herbaceous crops and on trees, including hedges.

STINK BUG TRAP is supplied with a complete capture device and 2 pheromones lasting 9 weeks each. They are aggregation pheromones.

It is recommended to install at least 3-4 traps per farm (not per hectare), starting from mid-March/early April, observing the following indications:
– Focus the monitoring in those areas that are more suitable for the insect development, in particular in correspondance of the perimeter areas, close to hedges and/or buildings.
– Maintain a distance of 20-30 m at least between the traps.
– Place the traps on plants which attract stink bugs, preferably with fruits and at a distance of 20-30 m from a building (especially at the beginning of the season).
– The operator could decide to place the traps on plants that grow at borders of the field or on wild plants that grow nearby.
WARNING: in case of large populations of Halyomorpha halys, you can register an increase in damages around the traps that have been placed in the orchard.
– Check and empty the traps weekly.
– Replace the pheromones, according to the supplier’s indications.

Trees and shrubs:
Always position the green base of the trap in direct contact with branches or trunks (if necessary, with the help of the included little strings), in order to facilitate the catching of juvenile forms.
The upper part of the trap should be well exposed and not immersed into the vegetation, to facilitate the diffusion of the pheromone. Fix the traps at a height of 1,5 m at least from the ground, always in a vertical position.
Herbaceous plants:
It is recommended to install the trap on a support, fixing both its top and base (the little green wings must be in direct contact with the support). Place the trap close to the area that you want to monitor, at about 1 m from the ground.

Re-position the trap in a different place in case of low/no captures, since the positioning of the trap is essential for a successful monitoring.

brown marmorated stink bug