Nodular Alfa

Specific Nitrogen-fixing product for Alfalfa

Bacterial pre-inoculant product based on Rhizobium meliloti

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Product Description

Selected strains of Rhizobium meliloti
(specific symbiotic microorganisms for alfalfa)
Concentration: 2 x 109/ml of C.F.U.

Sterile liquid

Nodular Alfa: 10 bags with 800 ml
Vigormix (protective product): 10 bags with 200 ml
By mixing the two products, you can treat 1000 kg of seeds (10 ml of mixture per kg)

Alfalfa is an essential fodder legume, which is very important in the dietary of quality animal husbandry.

Being a legume crop, it can satisfy its Nitrogen need by fixing athmospheric Nitrogen, thanks to the symbiosis with a Nitrogen-fixing bacterium (Rhizobium meliloti), which naturally lives in the soil. These bacteria, present in the soil, have been selected over the years, not for their capacity to fix the athmosheric Nitrogen, but for their resistance to adverse conditions.

NODULAR ALFA is based on selected strains of Nitrogen-fixing bacteria (Rhizobium meliloti), which are specific for alfalfa. These strains have been selected for their capacity and efficiency in fixing Nitrogen and making it available for the plant. The use of NODULAR ALFA leads to an improvement in the Nitrogen-fixing process, which implies: increased quality of the forage, higher yield of crop, better protein content, long-lasting effects on yields over the years.
NODULAR ALFA contains over 2 billion of Nitrogen-fixing bacteria per ml: they can be directly distributed on the seeds. NODULAR ALFA has always to be used in a mixture with Vigormix (a specific formulation that protects the viability of the inoculated bacteria).

Mix NODULAR ALFA with the seeds of alfalfa, using the same machinery that you normally use for seed treatment. Before use, uniformly mix NODULAR ALFA bag with the Vigormix one, both included in the packaging.

Use 10 ml of NODULAR ALFA + Vigormix mixture for each kg of seeds (1 lt per 100 kg of seeds).

The product is normally used alone. If mixed with other products (such as: colorants), please contact us to verify the compatibility (

If stored in a cool place, in its original and closed container, NODULAR ALFA keeps its effectiveness for 12 months at least. Once you have opened the packaging, use the product within 24 hours.
The treatment carried out on packaged seeds (away from light and heat) lasts 6 days.

This is a specific product for the seed of alfalfa. If used on other crops, it has no effect.
Treated seeds could modify the flow of the seeder: therefore, it is recommended to control its adjustment.

Allowed in Organic Farming