Lobetec 800×800


Mating disruption for Lobesia botrana

Active substance:
(E,Z)-7,9-Dodecadienyl acetate

Authorisation of Ministry of Health:
n° 16735 dated 21/03/2019

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Product Description


Lobetec is the new long-lasting mating disruption for Lobesia botrana, which ensures a 180 days coverage in your vineyard, protecting yields from direct and indirect damages (acid molds and botrytis) caused by the moth.

The innovative dispenser, produced with heat- and light-reflective plastics, guarantees an even and continuous release with no peak emissions, allowing a long-lasting protection of the crop.

Lobetec determines the reduction in the total number of matings, through the masking and/or the competition between the synthetic pheromone and the natural one; it causes also a delay in possible matings with a consequent reduction in females fertility.

A constant monitoring with Super Track Ala traps is recommended, in order to check the flights and the performance of the mating disruption strategy.


european grapevine moth (lobesia botrana)dose of use: 400 dispensers/ha