Diabrotica Track – Trappola per la cattura di Diabrotica virgifera

Diabrotica Track

Trap for the control of Diabrotica virgifera

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Product Description

These traps are successfully used to facilitate the insect monitoring in infested or at-risk areas. Depending on circumstances, they can be used with or without the specific sex pheromone. The use of the traps allows to predict the intensity of the attack in the following year as well as the possible diffusion of the pest in the nearby lands, which have not been infested yet.

The yellow traps (20×24,5 cm) must be installed no later than 15th June, at about 1 m from the ground: initially, install the trap with the help of a support and then tie it above the spike insertion point. The traps should be placed internally, at about 10 m from the edges of the field and at a distance of at least 30-40 m apart from each other. It is recommended to install them on the long sides of the field. In case of serious infestation, 1 trap per side is sufficient; instead, in case of minor infections or when you want to monitor new possible infections, it is advisable to place 2-3 traps for each side.
The traps have to be checked at least once a week (twice a week would be preferable): during the checking, count the adults that have been caught, clean the trap and replace the sticky panel, if it has lost its adhesiveness. The pheromone should be replaced every 45 days.

Packaging: 34 units
Content: 4 sticky yellow panels (20×24,5 cm), 2 pheromones, 2 wires

western corn rootworm (diabrotica virgifera)